Mobilizing Your Workforce
With a continuous-load rating of 18,400 lb (8,354 kg), the M3i5 improves productivity while protecting your valuable employees from injury and strain. Industrial-grade engineering specifications include a 1.28 HP electric motor, maintenance-free batteries, solid-state, plug-and-play molex connector electronics, and patented Burst Mode to deliver superior performance and an extended life cycle. The M3i boasts advanced safety features including patented Automatic Dynamic Braking, emergency stop, and ergonomic design to protect workers and employees. The M3i series from Dane Technologies delivers outstanding productivity returns while virtually eliminating the risk of strain-related, musculoskeletal, and repetitive-motion injuries when moving heavy wheeled loads.

The M3i5: Greater Capacity with a 5th Wheel Hitch
With a 5th wheel hitch, the M3i platform delivers significant increases in maneuverability when moving large, heavy loads, or a train of wheeled platforms. The versatile 5th wheel option hitch creates a dynamic solution allowing the greatest utilization of the M3i platform’s maneuverability, 1.28 HP motor, and purpose-built transaxle. With the 5th wheel-hitch package, the M3i5 is setting new standards for safety and productivity in power assisted moving and handling.

Highest Quality
  • Heavy-Gauge Powder Coated Steel Frame; Lifetime Frame Warranty

  • 1.28 HP Motor Pulls up to 18,400 lb (8,354) kg)

  • (3) 12 V Maintenance-Free Batteries

  • On-Board 16 Amp @ 36VDC UL-Certified Smart Charger

  • Purpose-Designed Motor Transaxle

  • Powder Coated Steel Hood Resists Rust & Wear

  • Patented Burst Mode

  • Ergonomic Design Reduces Risk of Injury

  • Advanced Safety Features Including Automatic Dynamic Braking

Exceptional Support
  • Dane consistently rated in top 5% of preferred vendors for outstanding service

  • On-board Self Diagnostics System Reduces Service Calls

  • 24/7 Service & Support Dispatch Team

  • Extensive Worldwide Network of Trained Service Providers

  • 95% Same-Day Parts Shipping

  • Plug & Play Electronics for Low Maintenance & Easy Service

  • “Birth Certificate” Links Records with Serial No. for Fast Unit ID

  • Bar-Coded Components Linked to Serial No. for Fast Part ID & Warranty Fulfillment

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management Program

  • Complementary Employee Training & Best Practices Program

Greatest ROI
  • Increased Productivity & Safety of Workers

  • Greatest Uptime for Your M3i & M3i5

  • Unnecessary Service Calls Eliminated

  • Many M3i’s In Use Over 10 yr.

  • 10-Year Life Cycle Cost Is Less Than Average Workers’Compensation Cost for One Musculoskeletal Injury

Proven Experience: Key to Successful Implementation
Industry leading quality doesn’t stop with the design of our solutions – it extends to product rollout and post-sale support. Whether you own one store or thousands, when you partner with us, we are putting 20 years of experience in tens of thousands of locations to work for you. We work together with you to understand the unique requirements of every site and collaboratively design your rollout strategy. With every sale we provide training materials, certified operators program and best practices guidelines to ensure your team achieves your productivity and safety goals.