Power Assist Technology for Commercial Cleaning
Large industrial, professional, and high-traffic spaces require fast clean-up response times and a workforce capable of managing multiple aspects of facilities maintenance. Introducing the QuicKLEEN, an ergologistic, multipurpose, ride-on janitorial cart. Our multi-modal cleaning platform allows the user dry mop, broom and vacuum large areas, collect trash, distribute cleaning supplies, and carry a mop and bucket. Innovative design features allow these tasks to be completed with unprecedented speed and efficiency. The QuicKLEEN is designed for use in airports and other transportation terminals, gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, schools, malls, and retail outlets. Capable of delivering 50% productivity returns in the commercial cleaning space, the QuicKLEEN enables your workforce to manage multiple tasks quickly and efficiently, while virtually eliminating strain-related injuries, and expanding your labor pool.

Efficient & Ergonomic
  • 69 in Twin Torsion-Coupled Dry Mop Arms Allow for Large Mopping Area & Debris Pickup–Easily Close & Raise V-Mop or Broom with Foot Pedals

  • Safely Transport Restocking Supplies to Multiple Locations

  • Advanced Safety Features Including Automatic Dynamic Braking & Anti-Tip Technology

  • Easily Move Individual Trash to Collection Point

  • Quick-Detach Rolling Handcart Moves Smoothly to Floor Drain to Dump Mop Bucket–Raised off Floor During Transport

  • Adjustable Trailer Hitch Allows for Connection of Wide Variety of Carts

  • Multiple V-Mop and Brush Attachments Change Easily with No-Touch Latching

Highest Quality
  • Powerful 24 VAC 0.5 hp Motor, 800 lb Capacity

  • (2) 12 V (35 Ah) Maintenance-Free AGM Batteries

  • On-Board UL-Certified SmartCharger

  • Plug & Play Electronics for Low Maintenance & Easy Service

  • 1 in Welded Steel Frame & Steel Body Pan

  • Long Life Frame-Mounted Motor

  • High Impact/Rust Resistant ABS Plastic Body with Korad Finish

  • Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking

  • Wig-Wag Throttle Control

  • Advanced Safety Features

Exceptional Support
  • Dane consistently rated in top 5% of preferred vendors for outstanding service

  • On-board Self Diagnostics System Reduces Service Calls

  • 24/7 Service & Support Dispatch Team

  • Extensive Worldwide Network of Trained Service Providers

  • 95% Same-Day Parts Shipping

  • “Birth Certificate” Links Records with Serial No. for Fast Unit ID

  • Bar-Coded Components Linked to Serial No. for Fast Part ID & Warranty Fulfillment

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management Program

  • Complementary Employee Training & Best Practices Program

Greatest ROI
  • Increased Productivity, Decreased Risk of Strain-Related Injury to Employees

  • Unnecessary Service Calls Eliminated

  • Greatest Uptime for Your QuicKLEEN

  • QuicKLEEN Consistently in Use for 8+ Years

  • 10 Yr Frame Warranty, 2 Yr Limited Warranty & 1 Yr Labor

  • Low Life Cycle Cost

Proven Experience: Key to Successful Implementation
Industry leading quality doesn’t stop with the design of our solutions – it extends to product rollout and post-sale support. Whether you own one store or thousands, when you partner with us, we are putting 20 years of experience in tens of thousands of locations to work for you. We work together with you to understand the unique requirements of every site and collaboratively design your rollout strategy. With every sale we provide training materials, certified operators program and best practices guidelines to ensure your team achieves your productivity and safety goals.
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Item Value Description
Capacity Rating 800 lbs (340 kg) Allows user to tow heavy carts, load trash, transport cleaning supplies, and ride at the same time
Motor 0.5 hp, 24V Mounted Motor Mounted motor allows for greatest load capacity, increased life span, & low, easy maintenance
Battery (2) 12V Deep Cycle, 35 amp-hr sealed, maintenance free batteries 24V Capacity supplies enough power to extend life of motor & length of single-charge use
Single Charge Battery Life 10 hr w/250lb payload Length of battery life sufficient for full day of continuous-use operation
Charger 120 VAC, 24 VDC, 12 amp Max

SmartCharger charges batteries in less time (4-5 hr from full discharge); increases life of batteries
Speed Programmable: 0-6 mph Optimize speed of cart to size of workplace
Automatic Dynamic Braking Unit automatically declerates when throttle released or rider stands, automatic parking brake when unit is at rest Prevents rolling, accidental collision
Frame 1″ welded steel tube w/full steel body pan, Integral Rear Bumper Bumper prevents damage to persons & property
Body Steel body pan; molded high impact ABS shell with korad finish Durable body resists wear; internal components protected
Tires Non-marking flat free 8″ solid Smoothest ride, lowest maintenance, lowest cost
Seat Heavy duty vinyl, padded Seat is comfortable & durable
Attachments Multiple cleaning attachments available Maximizes utility, delivers outstanding ROI; see accessories for details
Item Value Description
Certifications SmartCharger: UL standard 1564 Highest industry standards for battery & radio component compliance
Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking Automatically decelerates SKoot when not driving forward Significantly reduces risk of accidental collision & injury
Automatic Parking Brake Automatically engages when unit is at rest Prevents slippage, rolling
Warning Horn Dual actuation Alerts those nearby
Battery Level Indicator Monitors battery charge Allows operator to monitor battery charge level
Protective Handlebar Design Ergonomic handles reduce risk of wrist injury while handlebars protect hands & operational key switch Reduces risk of injury, damage to throttle, & inadvertent operation
Anti-Tip Wheels Frame-mounted casters Extreme stability–reduces risk of tipping