Power Assisted Safety & Productivity
The Dane Smart:System revolutionizes pick and pack, click and collect, and e-commerce order fulfillment. Engineered from the ground up for order collection and cart management, the Smart:System seamlessly integrates into the existing models used by warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and fulfillment locations. Ergonomic power assist enables nearly any employee to efficiently collect up to 440 lbs of individualized orders or 20 nested flatbed carts, while nearly eliminating risk of damage to property and employee injury through overexertion. The Smart:System is the smart solution for market leaders seeking to optimize safety and productivity in order fulfillment and cart management.

The Smart:Drive

The first of its kind, the Smart:Drive powers the Smart:System as a multi-use, independent platform. Quality design specifications include a high capacity electric motor rated for 440 lbs continuous load, custom transaxle, and a swappable power source. Market-leading safety features include programmable current control, remote operation, keypad lock/unlock, and Automatic Dynamic Braking. When operating independently of the Smart:System, the Smart:Drive is designed to safely maneuver up to 20 flatbed carts or trolleys while increasing flatbed cart return productivity 100%. Available attachments allow the Smart:Drive to push or pull almost any wheeled load, and for further efficiency returns, an optional ride-on platform can be utilized independently or with the Smart:System. When the Smart:Drive is combined with the Smart:Rack, the Smart:System delivers outstanding safety and productivity returns in streamlined order fulfillment.

The Smart:Rack

The Smart:Rack is an independently operable ergonomic collection trolley, available only through Dane Technologies. Constructed with a heavy duty, welded steel frame, the Smart:Rack is the only pick-and-pack solution with mid-wheel Dual:Drive maneuverability, operating as a four-swivel or two-swivel platform with the press of a foot-lever. Smart:Rack features include interchangeable rack space, overhead storage, and optional loading ramps. The Smart:Rack is designed to increase the efficiency of order fulfillment and item sorting while decreasing the risk of strain-related injury. When the Smart:Rack is combined with the Smart:Drive, the Smart:System delivers optimum control and ease of handling when transporting items, delivering best in class productivity and safety to the order fulfillment process.

Highest Quality
  • Heavy-Gauge Powder Coated Steel Frame; Lifetime Frame Warranty

  • 450 Watt Electric Motor & Heavy Duty Gearbox Pushes up to 440lbs (200 kg)

  • CE, N136, UL-Certified SmartCharger, Optional Multi-Battery Charging Station

  • 24 V Lithium Quick Swap Battery Pack, Virtually Eliminates Down Time

  • Patented Burst Mode & Thermal Protection

  • Ergonomic Throttle Control

  • Advanced Safety Features Including Automatic Dynamic Braking & Automatic Parking Brake

Exceptional Support
  • Dane consistently rated in top 5% of preferred vendors for outstanding service

  • On-board Self Diagnostics System Reduces Service Calls

  • 24/7 Service & Support Dispatch Team & Online Tech Support

  • Extensive Worldwide Network of Trained Service Providers

  • 95% Same-Day Parts Shipping

  • Plug & Play Electronics for Low Maintenance & Easy Service

  • Bar-Coded Components Linked to Serial No. for Fast Part ID & Warranty Fulfillment

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Management Program

  • Complementary Employee Training & Best Practices

Greatest ROI
  • Increased Productivity & Workplace Safety

  • Reduces Risk of Strain & Injury

  • Unnecessary Service Calls Eliminated

  • Greatest Uptime for Your Smart:Drive

  • Smart:System Immediately Optimizes Existing Warehouse Infrastructure for Streamlined Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management

  • Projected 10-Year Life Cycle Cost is Less Than Average Compensation Claim for One Strain-Related, Lost-Work Injury

Proven Experience: Key to Successful Implementation
Industry leading quality doesn’t stop with the design of our solutions – it extends to product rollout and post-sale support. Whether you own one store or thousands, when you partner with us, we are putting 20 years of experience in tens of thousands of locations to work for you. We work together with you to understand the unique requirements of every site and collaboratively design your rollout strategy. With every sale we provide training materials, certified operators program and best practices guidelines to ensure your team achieves your productivity and safety goals.
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Item Value Description
Ergonomic Thumb-trigger Throttle & Intuitive Guided Steering/td>

Dual right & left handle thumb-trigger throttle, height adjustable handles, effortless steering Ergonomic forward/reverse & intuitive operation
Motor 450 Watt electric motor 440 lbs (200kg) Load rating
Patented Burst Mode & Programmable Current Control Patented feature allows for extra power during start-up Reduced power after start-up; protects drive train, motor & extends battery life & run time
Transaxle Heavy duty, next generation & purpose-built for push/pull power assist Superior bearings & gears to withstand rigor of heavy duty operation
Multi-Mode Operation Manual walk behind, sulky ride on option, & radio mode Ergonomic operational modes allow for almost any load to be managed effectively
Batteries (1) 24 V, 21 A-h Lithium ion quick swap battery pack Quick-Swap battery packs virtually eliminate down time; LED light indicates charge level
Smart Charging System CE, N136, & UL-Certified Smart Charger LED light indicates charging status, optional multi-battery charging station allows multiple battery packs to charge simultaneously
Electronics Plug & play modular electronics, conformal coated molex connectors Easy service & modular repairs, protects against moisture and vibration, easy access to connectors, spades, and lugs, no wire nuts, or soldered connections for easy maintenance
On-Board Self Diagnostics System Coded maintenance & service signals Eliminates unnecessary service trips & ensures the most uptime for your Smart:Drive
Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking System, Emergency Stop, and Parking Brake Unit brakes to a stop when not under acceleration; parking brake automatically engages at rest; emergency Stop Button stops unit immediately Enables safe handling of large loads; prevents unintentional motion due to momentum or slope
Wheels Front: (2) Dual drive wheels 7 in (17 cm) solid knobby tread; Rear: (2) Casters 5 in (12.7 cm) Durable, low Maintenance
Automatic Hitching System Automatic hitching mechanisms attaches Smart:Drive to cart – foot pedal release Fast & effortless attach and detach
Item Value Description
Coded Access Programmable key code required for use Keypad/code restricted access prevents uncontrolled use
Overload Fuse 20 Amp auto-resetting main breaker, 3 Amp controls fuse Protects motor, prevents unit overload, easy reset
Emergency Stop Button Meets international safety standards, Allows operator to stop unit quickly in case of emergency
Patented Automatic Dynamic Braking Automatically decelerates Smart:Drive when not driving forward Increases control of Smart:Drive operation – especially with heavy load
Parking Brake Automatically engages when Smart:Drive stops Increased safety, prevents roll-away
Warning Horn Switch operation Alerts those nearby
Battery Level Indicator Monitors battery charge Allows operator to monitor remaining battery capacity
Protective Handlebar Design Ergonomic handles reduce risk of wrist injury while handlebars protect hands and operational key switch Reduces risk of injury, damage to throttle, and inadvertent operation
Programmable Speeds Manual Mode: Forward: 0 – 2.8 MPH max; Reverse: 0-2.2 MPH max
Radio Mode: Forward (rabbit): 2.6 MPH; Forward (turtle) 1.5 MPH

Allows Smart:Drive to be configured to application & meet workplace safety goals
Accessories & Options:
  • Ride On Sulky Attachment
  • Radio Control Package: Handheld Remote Control (with over 16,000,000 secure codes), Front Guide Handle
  • Styling Package: Personalized Logo, Custom Color (Minimum Quantity Applies)