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Dane Technologies is a leader in creatively addressing ergonomic and logistic challenges in the workplace through innovative power assist and mobility solutions. Founded in 1996 with the creation of the first mechanized shopping cart management system, the QuicKART®, our reputation is  built on market-leading standards for safety and efficiency, and solutions that deliver the greatest ROI in the industry.

AutoDelivery® Robot (ADR)

The ADR drives productivity, safety, and a very rapid Return On Investment by eliminating cart transport labor. Your team can focus on stocking shelves, while the ADR delivers the full carts and returns the empty carts.

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Adaptive & Autonomous Guided Vehicle

Implement an automated workforce of self-learning, high capacity, adaptive towing vehicles for a fraction of the cost of other robotic or AGV solutions.

No need for complex systems or additional infrastructure—the PowerPal Co-Pilot starts work immediately; optimizing any environment where transport logistics are a part of the workflow.

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Smart Solutions

The Smart:Drive attaches to a wide range of flatbed carts and moves up to 440 lbs (200 kg) of product in warehouse, retail, and order fulfillment environments. Featuring patented safety features and an optional ride-on sulky, the Smart:Drive operates independently or in cooperation with the Smart:Rack to create the Smart:System, the most safe and efficient pick-and-pack order fulfillment system on the market.

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Dane Technologies: Partners in Success
You want a safe and efficient workplace. At Dane Technologies, we are committed to helping you achieve that goal. Industry leading quality doesn’t stop with the design of our solutions – it extends to product rollout and post-sale support. With that kind of commitment, it’s no wonder that Dane is consistently rated by our clients in the top 5% of preferred vendors for outstanding service. Read below to find out how we stand apart from the competition in partnering with our clients.


Consultation & Site Assessment
Dane Technologies provides free consultations to collaboratively assess your ergologistic needs and goals. When required, our customer representatives will visit your facilities, project productivity and safety returns, and recommend best practices for implementing our solutions. After your consultation and site assessment, you may qualify for a free product trial. Contact an account representative to learn more!

Training & Certification
We collaboratively design your rollout strategy, and with every sale we provide training materials, a certified operators program, and best practices guidelines to ensure your team achieves your productivity and safety goals.

Service & Support
At Dane Technologies, we engineer our solutions with purpose-designed components, and we back them with the most extensive warranties in the power assist industry. Our service call center is available 24/7, and our network of service and distribution professionals spans 28 countries with over 270 providers in North America. Our service parts team provides 95% same-day parts shipping, allowing all of our solutions to deliver the greatest up-time in the industry.

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