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Delivering Innovative Power Assist and Mobility Solutions

Dane Technologies was founded in 1996 to help grocery retailers address the safety and productivity challenges of manual shopping cart retrieval and management. Today, the QuicKART® is the world’s most widely-adopted shopping cart return system, managing millions of shopping carts around the world every day. Working together with our clients, we have grown to become the most trusted name in ergologistic solutions–serving retail, industrial, distribution, healthcare, and transportation markets. We are committed to providing our clients with innovative solutions, designed and built with exceptional quality, and backed by outstanding customer service.

Dane’s commitment to innovation and reputation for creative ergologistic problem solving is evidenced by our portfolio of patented technologies. We created the market standard for design and function with the QuicKART®, a legacy we are proud to continue with each of our solutions.
Since developing the QuicKART®, and creating the industry of mechanized cart management– we have developed innovative ways of applying our power assist technologies to create new platforms: The SmartKART, PowerPal, M3i, Smart:System, WheelChair Mover®, and QuicKLEEN series were developed to address the ergonomic challenges of personal mobility , industrial moving and handling, power-assisted logistics, assisted patient and passenger transport, and commercial cleaning. Across all of these industry sectors we are increasing workplace safety and productivity through innovative applications of our proprietary technologies.
Since 1996, we have built a reputation for unparalleled product quality; which we believe is directly related to the quality of our team and the Dane workplace environment. We are committed to investing in people, technology and our facilities to continue our legacy of innovation. Our team uses state of the art systems to bring together our core competencies in electric motors, motor control systems, radio control, and battery technologies to design and deliver advanced, cost-effective power assist and mobility solutions. Our manufacturing facility meets stringent FDA standards Our sales and engineering teams invest the time to understand your business and work processes to make sure we are delivering the best solution for you.
We are your partner in business. And our family of solutions is proof of our commitment to that partnership. We have consistently grown by listening to our partners and delivering the best solution to enhance the safety and productivity of their workplace. If a solution doesn’t yet exist, our in-house team of engineers and customer service representatives specializes in developing new solutions to meet your unique needs.
When leaders in the healthcare industry saw that power assist technology allowed retailers to manage a high volume of shopping carts without injury, they approached us to solve another problem. Nurses were getting injured moving heavy medical supplies and wheelchair bound patients through hospitals. Working alongside ergonomic professionals, we developed the only FDA-approved WheelChair Mover®, as well as our PowerPal line of power assist vehicles to protect our healthcare professionals from workplace-related injury. In fact, many products have been designed in this same way: listening to the needs of our business partners, and developing solutions for their workplace environments.
We have developed industry leading training and best practices to ensure the safe and successful implementation and integration of our power assist technologies into your work environment. Dane never stops partnering with your team to meet and exceed your safety, efficiency and ROI goals.
Over the past 20 years we have built an unparalleled network of service partners. Working together with our in-house service support team we are able to deliver exceptional support and service promptly at the lowest possible cost. Our parts management system and on-board diagnostics ensures the highest probability of a one-trip fix, and a 95% rate of same-day parts shipping. That combination delivers best in class operating up-time and the lowest total cost of ownership for your Dane equipment. Working together with you, our proven ability to develop innovative solutions, train and support your team, and provide exceptional after sale support make Dane the most trusted name in power assist technology.